3 Need-to-Know Steps for Flawless Skin

3 Need-to-Know Steps for Flawless Skin

Guest blogger Saffron Baker shares her top tips for flawless skin!

Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise; 3 words we hear being thrown about, but not many of us know why they are good for our skin. One very important step often gets skipped out, these 3 steps should come together as a combo like the musketeers, “all for one and one for all” This is your one-stop guide to learning what it is we should be doing to our skin and why, with bonus things you can do to help improve it even more!



Whether you wear makeup or you don’t, we should all be cleansing. The air around us is full of bacteria, dirt, pollutants and chemicals that settle on our skin throughout the day. Cleansing helps remove all these impurities and give your skin a good detox. Cleansing is often associated with removal of makeup but it also removes any excuses oil and dead skin cells. This will help to keep your pores clear and prevent breakouts. If you are someone who wears makeup this will also allow your skin to breath throughout the night. Cleansing in the morning is important to, as it removes any toxins your skin has eliminated throughout the night and gives it a clean base to apply your products onto. If you wear makeup you should always cleanse your skin before applying, this will help give you a flawless base. If you suffer from super dry skin then its recommended to only cleanse in the evening. If you are someone who works out try not to wear makeup while exercising. Always do a skin care routine once you have finished. This will help prevent your skin from breaking out and keep it looking fresh. A cleanser I have been loving recently is Gallinee Foaming Facial Cleanser. It's amazing, it's so gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling soft, fresh and clear. It doesn't contain soap which is perfect meaning it’s great for sensitive skin. It works so well at removing all the bad stuff without messing with your natural PH levels. It has left my skin feeling clean and glowing. Just what you want and need from a cleanser.



The most important step! Yes, and it is one that so many people I know skip. You must tone after cleansing! Toner is used to close up your pores. Using toner over time will help to tighten them too. Closed tighter pores = less dirt getting in meaning less blackheads and breakouts. It helps to remove any dirt or residue your cleanser may have missed while helping to restore your PH balance. Toner is especially important if you have acne-prone skin, using it would have a huge impact as It helps to stop any further bacteria and impurities from getting back into the skin you have just cleaned. Toner helps form a barrier and binds moisture to your skin. If you have dry skin, try to avoid using a toner that contains alcohol as this could dry it out more. Wait for the toner to fully absorb into the skin before applying your next product. There are so many different toners on the market, it's about finding one that is best for you. Read what the benefits are, some are good for brightening others for making your skin look radiant. A good toner should absorb into the skin quickly and leave it looking fresh.



Now we have given our skin a deep clean, we must rehydrate and add in the moister we have lost. As you can imagine we have taken away some of the moister with cleansing and toning. Using a good moisturiser is not only going to hydrate your skin but it's going to act as a barrier from the elements in our environment or our makeup. Especially when it’s cold, cold air dry’s the skin and can make it sore, irritated, red and chapped. When your skin becomes dry your body will make more oil to help stop the skin from drying. Extra oil on your skin leads to clogged pores. Clogged pores cause blackheads and acne. You should always apply a moisturiser as a base before you put on makeup, not only will it apply better, make it last longer but it will also help stop makeup from clogging pores causing breakouts. Using moisturisers every day helps keep your skin supple and looking youthful. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturizers help your skin to look plump and full given a naturel glow.


Bonus things you can do to help your skin!

Serums / Oils - Applying serums or oils once daily before you moisturise can help hydrate and prevent ageing skin, as some are packed full of benefits your normal skincare won't have like collagen and healthy vitamins. These can help you achieve youthful firmer skin with improved texter helping reduce blemishes. Serums are thinner products which easily penetrates the skins barriers giving you a deeper level or moisturising and hydration. Serums help bring in antioxidants into the skin, these help your skin cells to grow, replenish and heal. This is perfect for acne prone skin or scaring. Serums can help with dry or oily skin buy suppling the skin with moister and restoring PH balance. Apply a good moisturiser on top of your serum will help lock in that serum and good stuff.

Face Masks - Face masks are great to use a few times a week! There are so many different ones out that that benefit your skin in different ways. Personally, when looking for a mask I want it to be quick and easy to use, hydrating and giving me a clearer complexion. A mask I have been loving recently is this Thalgo Purifying Mask. It helps to clear all the impurities off my face leaving it feeling clean and visibly clearer. I have noticed my blemishes and skin tone is a lot more even after using this. Its super easy to use and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.

SPF - SPF is often forgotten about for the face; I don’t recommend using your normal body SPF on your face as it's not designed with you pores and skin in mind. There are many products out there that are designed for your face and have SPF in them, you can get daily moisturisers and even BB / CC creams. Every day we should be wearing SPF even if it's not sunny. Think how much your face is on show. Wearing SPF will not only prevent you from getting skin damage from the sun but it can help keep your skin looking youthful preventing ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. I don’t wear a full face of makeup every day but I do like to wear a cream that’s going to help give me a clearer complexion. I have been loving this Embryolisse Complexion Correcting CC cream with SPF 20; It's amazing as it adjusts to your individual skin pigments so suitable for all skin tones and types. It’s a lightweight formula and smoothing texture. Gives me that naturel no makeup look. It helps give you that second skin feel, so you feel like your protected from the elements. It blurs out fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin super hydrated and protected from UV photoaging damage.


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