An Introduction to Clockface Beauty

An Introduction to Clockface Beauty

Clockface Beauty create formulas from natural, organic ingredients. They believe that skincare should never be considered a chore, but instead should be enjoyed as part of a self-care routine. Clockface Beauty explain that by being “based in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside, we see the beauty and power of nature every day. And that’s why the Clockface Beauty skincare range is 100% natural, organic, cruelty free and vegan, nothing else added, no artificial chemicals or synthetic fragrances – Beauty the way nature intended®”


“If it doesn’t make your skin beautiful it isn’t in our skincare.” – Clockface Beauty


The Clockface Beauty brand believe in transparency within the skincare industry, and to provide customers with this, they list ingredients on every box in their common name, allowing you to understand exactly what you are putting on your skin. Of course, all labels need to include a INCI ingredient list, but often these are hard to understand when you aren’t a scientist! This means no hidden ingredients, just natural goodness. All of their packaging can also be recycled or upcycled.


“Luxury natural skincare should not just be about efficiency and quality, but about a multi-sensory experience to enhance your overall well-being” – Clockface Beauty


Clockface Beauty are completely ingredient led, meaning that every ingredient has a purpose. Everything they create is 100% natural and formulated by founders Sarah and Karen, a mother-daughter team. Sarah makes it her mission “to help people know exactly what they’re putting onto their skin” while Karen brings 30 years of experience as a specialist scientist to the brand, and wants to “ensure that everything we create is tried, tested and trusted.” Karen has a “passion for ageing both beautifully and naturally – and is all too aware that just because a product says ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it’s all natural.” This has encouraged her to use only all-natural ingredients.


Frequent ingredients

Clockface Beauty use natural ingredients; some of which include;

  • Apricot Kernal Oil to reduce dark circles
  • Avocado butter to target free radicals that age skin
  • Bamboo charcoal powder to shrink pore size
  • Eucalyptus essential oil for an uplifting fragrance
  • Peppermint essential oil as an anti-inflammatory to help soothe sunburn / calm redness
  • White clay to tighten skin


“Organic skincare products can complete your whole regime without any artificial chemicals and fragrances.” – Clockface Beauty


What is ‘natural’ skincare and why is it important?


To Clockface Beauty, ‘natural’ skincare means no synthetic and artificial chemicals and compounds. Often these ingredients are added to extend the shelf life of a product, but can be potentially harmful to the skin. They explain that “some chemicals are stored by the body for months – or years – so we really do need to be careful what’s in the treatments we use on our skin.”


What is ‘vegan’ skincare and why is it important?


Being a vegan brand means that Clockface Beauty don’t test any products or ingredients on animals and do not use any animal products or by-products in their formulas. So, whether you are vegan or not – you can trust that Clockface Beauty are a cruelty free brand.


Why ‘waterless’ skincare and why is it important?


You may think of water to be the answer to dry skin; however, our skin is actually designed to be water resistant. Obvious when you think about it, isn’t it? Clockface Beauty explain that “water molecules are actually larger than your pores, so they can’t enter. Water is actually one of the things that when put on the skin can actually dry it out.” Clockface Beauty don’t dilute their formulas with water, meaning their products are much stronger than products which contain 70% water. “We champion not using water as a filler ingredient and replacing with active ingredients that promote great skin – great for you and great for our planet – beauty exactly the way nature intended®.”


“We don’t believe you should have to choose between high performance skincare and natural skincare which is why every product is made with results, transparency and nature at its heart.” – Clockface Beauty


With products for both men and women, Clockface Beauty are the sustainable answer to your skincare wishes! With their luxury packaging, they also make fantastic gifts, ideal as luxury stocking fillers. So, if you are looking for a 100% natural, waterless, cruelty free, organic, vegan product; look no further! Clockface Beauty offer balms, face masks, oils and serums. Shop Clockface Beauty with free delivery on Skinforia.