Central Heating Skincare Blitz

When the winter months hit, heating goes on and skin changes to dry. We’ve got our experts here to help!

The change in environment from cold, wind and rain outside, to the dryness of central heating indoors makes it hard for the skin to maintain healthy levels of hydration and keep that glow. Being hit by heating means moisture is drawn out of the skin; making dry skin drier and oily skin even oilier to compensate for the dehydration. Often skin is then exposed to rain, wind and residual moisture in the air when going outside, and that change causes further damage and reaction. So how do you combat this ever-changing atmosphere, and keep skin consistently healthy and happy in winter? We’ve got the answers for you right here…


Teoxane Advanced Filler for Dry Skin Tackle dehydration, dryness, wrinkles and loss of firmness with this Advanced Filler. Along with the Teoxane Cosmeceuticals’ core formula and matrixyl 3000, it contains antioxidant meadow foam seed oil, shea butter and nourishing cotton seed oil. In the howling winter winds this filler for normal to dry skin will fight lack of moisture and plump up skin. Within 28 days, participants agreed it leaves skin more hydrated (100%), skin tone brighter (95%) and skin smoother (84%).


Jan Marini C-Esta Serum As one of Meghan Markle’s known faves this Vitamin C-rich serum is on most of our ‘must have’ lists. It’s also a great one for winter because the Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and DMAE complex provides really intense free-radical protection; ideal for winter city life. This is our preferred antioxidant cocktail for younger, healthier looking skin.



Hydropeptide Power Lift Moisturiser We love the idea of skincare targeting more than one thing when we use it – and this time-saving cream goes straight for the visible signs of ageing brought on by dry air in winter. The Power Lift blends anti-ageing peptides with four different types of hydration to feed your face with everything it could ask for, while also improving the skin’s barrier function against the cold outdoors.


AromaWorks Soulful Candle If you’re tired at the end of applying all your skincare, and need some care for your mind as well we always recommend the lavender-rich base notes of AromaWorks’ Soulful blend of Essential Oils, locked within their candle range as well. AromaWorks focus on the power of natural ingredients to unlock the mind, and de-stress you at the end of a long, winter day.

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