Everything You Need to Know About Pores

Everything You Need to Know About Pores

Everyone has pores, yet not many people know much about them. We know we have them, often we wish they were smaller and less noticeable (although most of the time its only you that sees them anyway!) but how much do you actually know about your pores? Here is our Skinforia crash course on everything pore-related!


What actually are pores? 

Pores are the opening of hair follicles which contain oil glands which can get clogged and make your pores appear bigger.


What causes clogged pores

Clogged pores are usually caused by dead skin cells, excess oils and bacteria. Although they aren't the sole cause of acne - they can evolve into spots. If you have oily skin, you are unfortunately more likely to get clogged pores. 

If you do suffer from oily skin, it can be easy to think that you need to stick to mattifying products - but actually you should be doing the opposite to this! Mattifying products can trick your skin into thinking it is try, meaning it creates even more oil. Instead, try combiningg hydrating skincare products with an exfoliator which isn't too harsh but gives your skin a good clean!



What makes a 'large' pore?

Pore size alters from person to person, but the difference is literally millimetres! Yet, still, it is such a common insecurity of many people; both male and female. The size of your pores is determied by genetics and hormones, but you can minimize appearance by keeping them as clean as possible. Try to keep to a good skincare routine with a double cleanse to ensure all dirt and dead skin cells are being removed every night before bed. 


You can also consider using a retinoid to minimise pore size, however always remember that retinol is very strong - especially for sensitive skin. It's an acid - so start slow with a weaker formula and build it up over time if your skin hasn't had a reaction. Also remember not to use a retinoid at the same time as using AHAs or BHAs. 


Do pores open and close?

One of the most common skincare myths is that our pores can open and close. Our pores don't change in size - nor do they open and close. They are more visible when clogged, however this isn't because they are open. Another common skincare myth is that washing your face with hot or cold water will open and close pores, but this is just not true! 

Many people assume that steaming opens your pores, however instead, steaming your skin just makes your pores more receptive to product. For example, exfoliating after steaming will make the process more effective. 


How you can help your pores stay clean

  • Avoid touching your face
  • Double cleanse every night
  • Exfoliate weekly
  • Steam skin before your skincare routine when possible
  • Keep make up brushes clean (we reccomend using your cleanser to wash brushes rather than soap)
  • Use noncomedogenic make up products
  • Use a full skincare routine instead of make up wipes
  • Stick to a consistent routine
  • Talk to a skincare professional for additional help and advice specific to your skin