The French Natural Skincare Brand We Love.. DELAROM

The French Natural Skincare Brand We Love.. DELAROM

DELAROM is a natural skincare range harnessing the power of plant extracts and essential oils. The products are highly concentrated in active ingredients to deliver high performance skincare with sensorial, well-being benefits all backed by scientific research. DELAROM uses original formulas based on the finest plant extracts and 100% pure essential oils, and performs efficacy tests highly demanded by pharmacists and by brand addicts!


DELAROM uses only natural and ecological cosmetics free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicon, mineral oils and animal ingredients. All of our products balance delicate, natural and aromatic perfumes for a harmonious moment of pleasure and well-being. We pride ourselves on a short and homogeneous product line to cure all type of skins at any age.


Did you know that when you apply a beauty product to your skin, your body absorbs around 60% of that formula? This is why DELAROM believe it is so important to consider the ingredients they use, making sure every single one has a reason and benefit. Often, artificial chemical ingredients offer only a temporary fix to your skin issues, whereas changing your routine to a natural, gentle and effective selection of products can make a huge difference in the long term.


The DELAROM skincare brand is inspired by the beauty of nature. Nature reacts to seasons, weather and other external aggressors so is the proof that it has the mechanisms to maintain its inner beauty. Our laboratory uses precise measurements of the purest essential oils, vegetable oils and active ingredients extracted from plants. By combining these with advanced science we develop the structure of the formulas to ensure the maximum benefits to the skin.



What does ‘clean beauty’ mean?


Clean beauty means products which are non-toxic and don’t have a huge list of artificial ingredients.



Meet the products


DELAROM Excellence Firming Body Oil with Kalpariane | £23.00


The DELAROM skincare firming oil contains Kalpariane (brown seaweed extract) which is a natural firming ingredient, vegetal oils (sesame, macadamia, foam of the meadows, borage) which act alongside Kalpariane to firm, nourish and hydrate the skin. The perfect blend of luxury and effectiveness.

Key benefits: This firming body oil has a melting texture and a strong firming power.



DELAROM Natural Face Cleansing Gel with Jojoba Pearls | £17.00



This lightly textured natural face cleanser is made with jojoba pearls that lightly foam to cleanse your face leaving your skin soft and clear. Enriched in Calendula extract, enables non-aggressive cleansing. Calendula extract calms and soothes, white nettle extract purifies and Jojoba pearls cleanse.


Key benefits: Deep cleanses and softens skin with natural ingredients



DELAROM Natural Essential Age Defense Serum | £40.00


DELAROM Natural Essential Age Defence Serum is designed to reinforce the skin’s inner structure. DELAROM Natural Essential Age Defence Serum (ENERGYLIXIR HD) is an innovative and ultra-powerful serum that reinforces the skin's inner structure. With dermo-decontracting effects and enriched with natural flower extract, this serum helps nourish and energise cells and prevent premature skin ageing. Key benefits: Reinforces the skin's inner structure DELAROM Natural Delight Rich Cream with Peach Butter | £45.00

Delarom Natural Delight Rich Cream

has a gorgeously comfortable texture is ideal to revitalize dry and very dry skins or in case of extreme climate (cold, wind). This product can also be used as an aftersun protection!  Softening jojoba vegetable oil, remineralising soybean and moisturising glycerine. Anti-ageing benefits. Key benefits: an anti-ageing moisturiser ideal for dry skin types