A Guide to Moisturisers

A Guide to Moisturisers

When deciding on a new moisturiser its easy to be overwhelmed by the number of options. Oil free, SPF?! Don’t worry though, Skinforia are here to help you make the right decision!


Lets start with some facts. 


Remember: when it comes to moisturiser, one size DOES NOT fit all.


Did you know that using the wrong moisturiser can actually cause your skin to breakout? If you are experiencing this - it could be because the moisturiser you are applying is too oily or too greasy for your skin, causing pores to clog. 


Another fun fact - if you are wearing a moisturiser without SPF, you'll need to apply a facial SPF after your moisturiser. You can also get primers with SPF. This goes for everyday - not just sunny ones! Whether the sky is overcast or you are on summer vacay, don't leave the house without some form of SPF. Please!


So many of us forget to moisturise our necks. The skin on your neck is sensitive like the skin on your face, so you should use moisturiser on your neck rather than a body lotion. 


Moisturiser should be for both day and night time. Don't skip it!




What to Look For: Dry Skin


If you have dry skin, look for super hydrating moisturisers with plant oils such as jojoba, sesame, coconut, etc.


What to Look For: Sensitive Skin


If you have sensitive skin, it may be best to look for a moisturiser with more natural ingredients. Also be sure to look out for hypoallergenic labels!


What to Look For: Oily Skin


Lighter, oil-free moisturisers are better for those with oily skin. Alternatively, you could look into a hydrating gel to combat excessive oil production.


Skinforia Love..


Neostrata Bionic Face Cream | £27.00

As featured by Cosmopolitian in ‘The 10 best moisturisers for when your skin feels like sandpaper’, Neostrata Bionic Face Cream is a highly emollient face cream which contains Polyhydroxy Acids to moisturise the skin whilst promoting cell turnover. Providing the best of both worlds for mature skin, the NeoStrata Bionic Face Cream provides intense hydration while correcting and smoothing surface imperfections. The ultra-emollient formula helps to condition skin that has been dehydrated by in-clinic procedures such as microdermabrasion or through strong topical Retinol use, while gently resurfacing the skin to take care of the early signs of ageing including fine lines and dark spots.


Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Moisturiser | £43.00

Ultra moisturising complex to plump, hydrate and nourish dry skin while improving the skin’s natural barrier and encouraging pro-collagen synthesis. Combining Aquarich®, a 24-hour moisturising complex fortified with anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and ultra hydrating natural botanicals. Ideal for dry or mature skin or for use in a cold or dry environment.


Monu Spa Moisture Rich Collagen Cream | £29.90


A luxuriously thick moisturising cream to smooth fine lines and instantly relieve dryness. Formulated using a unique blend of Rose and Geranium essential oils plus Evening Primrose and Blackcurrant Seed Oil to hydrate, comfort and repair the skin. Added Marine Collagen works to plump fine lines and wrinkles for a fresh, flawless appearance that helps prevent premature ageing. Perfect for dry or sensitive skin types.


Alpha-H Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel | £21.00

Clear Skin Daily Hydrator is an ultra-light fresh gel which hydrates, refines pore size and improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture using a blend of purifying botanical and natural antioxidants. While many often think they should not moisturise an oily skin, this skin type still needs to be hydrated to keep the skin healthy and calm. Often acne skins have thicker sebum and therefore prefer water-based textures. Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel is the perfect texture to hydrate and calm the surface of oily skins. Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Witch Hazel minimise bacteria, whilst Salicylic Acid clears blocked pores, and Cotton Seed Extract helps to counter irritation and dehydration.


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