How to Plan the Perfect Pamper Evening

How to Plan the Perfect Pamper Evening

We all need some regular down time, no matter how busy or chaotic our lives get. It’s important to plan in evenings of self-care and pampering, whether it’s after a busy day at work or with friends on a Saturday night. To make it easier to plan, we have put together our top tips on how to have the perfect pamper evening!

Start off by lighting some candles.
Our favourites are the AromaWorks candles. They use essential oils to create relaxing, therapeutic scents… Ideal for a pamper evening! Light a few candles and turn the lights down to create a relaxing vibe. This is also a great way of unwinding before bed to get a good, refreshing night sleep.

Avoid your phone – no matter how tempting it may be!
The last thing you want to do is face the stressful world of social media when you are trying to unwind! Use this time as a technology detox. You’ll be surprised at what a difference this can make.

Wash away the day with a full skincare routine.
Time to treat your face to a cleanse! We recommend a double cleanse, toner, a serum, and a moisturiser. It’s important to remove all of your make up before you get in the bath, as the steam from your bath will open pores. If you would like advice on what products to use in your everyday skincare routine, our skincare expert Ami is available via live chat on our website; ready to give you top tips on how to treat any skin concerns.

Put a facemask on!
Face masks are a great way to quickly treat your skin and many are designed for specific needs and concerns. We love the Clockface beauty masks, which are new to Skinforia! The all-natural ingredients in the Clockface Beauty masks deliver scientifically proven healing benefits, promoting the repair and regeneration of skin cells, and reducing scars, blemishes and the signs of ageing. When applied for up to ten minutes each treatment, the clays gently cleanses and exfoliates, pulling impurities from the pores and absorbing excess oils, while the mask works to refresh, rejuvenate and balance the skin’s levels of hydration, tone and suppleness. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, when used regularly it delivers a world of long-term healing and wellbeing benefits to transform skin. Clockface Beauty is vegan, organic and cruelty free! Another great mask is the Skin & Tonic Detox mask, ideal for when your skin is feeling clogged up and a bit tired. This is a powerful clay mask, made from just 5 ingredients – no unnecessary chemicals! These highly active green clay blinds with impurities and soaks up excess oil to deeply cleanse pores. It also uses organic matcha tea, which is full of antioxidants, which help to protect your skin. It also smells great!

Run a warm bubble bath and use a bath bomb!
Not only do bath bombs smell great, they also treat your skin to extra oils and goodness whilst you’re soaking in the bath. Watching a bath bomb fizz away automatically makes us feel relaxed.

Exfoliate your skin and have a wash
We love the nuddy soap bars which come in all different scents. They’ll make you want to pamper yourself every night! From mango to peppermint, whatever your favourite scent, you’ll love these soap bars.

After your bath, moisturise your body and get into some clean pyjamas.
Put on the heated blanket, snuggle up under some clean sheets and get into a good book/magazine with a nice hot chocolate topped with cream and marshmallows - why not! It’s best not to look at your phone before going to sleep as the blue light makes it harder for your brain to feel tired.. so reading is a great alternative. You’ll be snoring in no time!

This down time is essential in keeping you and your body feeling refreshed and ready for what the next day may bring! If you need to stock up on your favourite skincare items before planning your pamper evening, use code SF10ST to get 10% off your first order. Don’t forget, all orders on Skinforia also get free delivery!

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