Instagram worthy locations 2020

Instagram worthy locations 2020

We all love getting the perfect photo for Instagram; a beautiful location, the perfect outfit and flawless skin is the dream!


But where exactly can you go to get these amazing shots? Let’s run through our top 10 UK locations (in no particular order!)


10 - Peggy Porschen cakes, Ebury Street, London


If pink is your thing this beautiful café has to be top of your list. Pink doors, interiors, floral walls and gorgeous bakes are everywhere. Head here for a spot of brunch (and no end of photo opportunities!)




9 – Circus Lane, Edinburgh


Edinburgh is filled with picturesque streets but Circus Lane in the city's Stockbridge area never fails to draw in the Insta-crowd thanks to its beautiful buildings, lush green plants and cobbled pavement.


Circus Lane | Insta Worthy locations 


8 – Tonight Josephine, London


One of the coolest bars in London, Tonight Josephine has a plethora of locations within to take the ultimate selfie. From mirrored ceilings to toilets that are plastered with celeb mugshots.

Don’t forget to get the ultimate photo in front of the ‘Well behaved women don’t make history’ neon sign before enjoying the cocktails!


Tonight Josephine | Insta worthy locations



7 – The Cotswolds (all of it!)


If you haven’t been to The Cotswolds….go! Everything about it is picturesque. Stone built cottages, streams running through towns and national trust properties everywhere. You can stop for a photo almost anywhere!


The Cotswolds | Insta Worthy Locations 



6 – Brighton Beach Huts, Brighton


The iconic beach huts that line the shores of Brighton are perfect for a colourful addition to your feed! Snap a picture as you stroll down the front or stop and pose to get the full rainbow in!


Brighton Beach Huts | Insta Worthy Locations 



5 – The Temple Bar, Dublin   

Have you even been to Dublin if you don’t get a photo from The Temple Bar? A bar that is always buzzing with music and people, it’s a must visit. The exterior is typically Irish and the interior doesn’t disappoint either!


The Temple Bar | Insta worthy locations 



4 – Neal’s Yard, London


A gorgeous spot just next to Covent Garden is Neal’s Yard. It is a small courtyard with colourful houses and plants, a perfect backdrop!


Neals Yard | Insta Worthy location



3 – Royal Pavillion, Brighton


We know, it doesn’t look like this building belongs in the UK! The perfect spot for a selfie we think!


The Royal Pavillion



2 -  Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland


An awe-inspiring location that defies belief. 40,000 basalt columns give the Giant’s Causeway its character. A location that can’t be missed when hunting out dreamy spots to take a photo and ponder how it came to be…

Giants Causeway | Insta worthy spots 



1 – The Selfie Factory, London


Although not always here, it seems silly to do the most instagrammable locations without including The Selfie Factory! Pop up rooms dedicated to getting the ultimate photo for the gram. From 30 minute slots to unlimited day passes, bring your camera and snap away!  


Selfie Factory | Insta Worthy spots


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Do you have any favourite spots for the ultimate selfie? Let us know!