Introducing MONUSKIN | Natural Active Skincare

Introducing MONUSKIN | Natural Active Skincare

Over the last thirty five years, MONU have been working on perfecting this wonderfully unique, natural and cruelty free vegan skincare range. We are so excited to share that MONU SKIN products are now available to purchase on Skinforia!


MONU SKIN is now the preferred partner for many beauty enhancing formulations amongst thousands of professional beauty therapists. With the growing awareness surrounding cruelty-free beauty, we are so happy to introduce you to this fantastic brand!


Whether you have dry, normal, oily, or mature skin, MONU have so many skincare options for everyone, making cruelty free cosmetics accessible and helpful to all skin types.


"It is from the exquisite natural beauty of the world around us that the resources come to enable MONU to create unique, gentle and naturally pure beauty products. With such resources becoming ever more precious, it reinforces our commitment to setting new standards in ethical and environmental responsibilities"


The Story Behind The Brand


MONU started with a vision to fashion the purest, kindest beauty products using only the finest natural ingredients. Over thirty five years, they have been perfecting this range. 


The range now includes face, body, suncare and aromatherapy products, all naturally effective without any harmful chemicals other preperations might include. "Looking after your skin is a great way to help you look younger and more radient, healthy skin has that natural glow and elasticity."


MONU continue to say, "We believe that natural beauty is best achieved through the use of pure ingredients that provide natural care for the skin; by being committed to this philosophy we are genuinely able to enhance people's lives." MONU products contain natural ingredients such as coconut oil, pure rose oil, fresh aloe vera, ginger essential oil and more. Every ingredient has an added benefit to the product, meaning you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals.


Sustainability is so important, with increasing demands on the environment and natural resources depleting at a worrying rate, MONU believe that cosmetics should commit towards being kinder and respecting our planet. MONU are advocates of clean, ethical and guilt-free skincare. "We wanted to take the opportunity to demonstrate how we remain environmentally-conscious."MONU go on to say that "we pride ourselves on our wide range of natural, cruelty-free products, which are formulated, packaged and sent to you from our factory in Cheltenham. Being conscious about the environment, we strive to make eco-friendly choices, that's why our ingredients are sourced locally where possible, whilst our packaging comes exclusively from British suppliers and is 100% recyclable. 


 The Range




A hydrating toner that, when used in conjunction with Gentle Cleanser, leaves skin nourished, conditioned and soothed. Containing a rich blend of Neroli and Petitgrain Essential Oils to invigorate the complexion and deliver a burst of hydration, Gentle Toner promises to leave skin radiant and refreshed.






Freshen your face and awaken your pores with the luxuriously creamy Delicate Facial Wash. Smoothing on the skin with ease, it produces a delicately foaming lather that promises to leave skin feeling cleansed and hydrated. Bursting with the crisp citrus aromas of Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit coupled with naturally active ingredients, including Seaweed and Natural Yoghurt extract, balance and comfort is restored to the complexion to leave skin soothed and comforted.





The Hydra Lift Serum is an advanced active complex that provides an instant face lift by firming, smoothing and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, whilst providing intense hydration and comfort. Created with a blend of Polysaccharides, Sodium Hyaluronate Vitamin C and Cassia Alata Leaf Extract this serum promises to deliver moisture to the skin in a controlled and effective way whilst also protecting it.






A skincare saviour for dry or dehydrated skin, the luxuriously creamy texture of Extra Rich Night Cream provides intensive hydration when your skin needs it moist. Formulated using a unique blend of Royal Jelly, Vitamin A and Evening Primrose Oil, the Extra Rich Night Cream gets to work while you sleep to leave skin nourished, refreshed and softened.






A refreshing anti-ageing serum formulated to energise the sensitive skin around the eyes and lips. A unique blend of naturally active ingredients, including Arnica, work to effectively improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightening the eyes and invigorating the complexion. The skins natural collagen levels are stimulated to firm and plump whilst unwanted puffiness and dark circles are effectively reduced.




So, if like us you have fallen in love with this new brand, you can shop the range here!