Make Your Skin Glow this Winter

Make Your Skin Glow this Winter

January can often hit us with unpredictable bursts of harsh weather, wreaking havoc on our skin.

With regular changes in the weather, from stone-cold rain and strong winds, to bright sun belting down on our faces, it is an understatement to say that looking after our skin is tough. During these times it is difficult for the skin to maintain levels of hydration and keep that fresh healthy glow. Often it can be a challenge to find the right products and ingredients to counteract fast changing climes, but read on…

We have the perfect solutions for you…

Jan Marini Age Intervention Retinol Plus Face Cream (£71.95, 28ml) With a highly concentrated dose of Retinol, this product combines a sophisticated mixture of advanced Peptides and Antioxidants for maximum results. Applying Retinol has been proven to combat signs of premature ageing, diminish fine lines and aid in the production of collagen, plumping and smoothing through chillier days, and in the sun. Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser (£42, 177ml) This is an organic gel-based cleanser that also helps to remove makeup and impurities. The gel is formulated to restore the skin’s optimal pH balance to deliver the essential nutrients that calm and soothe the skin – great for days when the weather can’t decide which way it’s going! Teoxane RHA Serum (£84.95, 30ml) Typically, serums stand out amongst any other skincare products due to their high hydration power and an instant tightening effect. Combining Hyaluronic Acid and Antioxidants, Teoxane’s RHA Serum rejuvenates the skin, helping to smooth out fine lines and plump the complexion. This Serum is composed of smaller particles, allowing for deeper penetration of the skin, getting the expert formulation exactly where you want it! Skinceuticals Protect Ultra Facial Defence SPF50 (£32.40, 30ml) It isn’t just the harshness of the outside weather that we have to be wary of, it’s also the constant use of technology that causes damage to our skin on a daily basis. Phones, laptops and tablets regularly expose our skin to HEV (High Energy Visible) blue light, impacting the skin’s ability to transport minerals in and out of the cells, causing irregular cell function. This also leads to DNA damage and premature ageing – so let’s stop HEV in its tracks with high SPF.

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