My skincare story: How I found the skincare regime for me... Madeleine Spencer Beauty Writer

While new products are thrilling, years of subjecting my skin to a panoply of actives left my skin confused and angry.

Earlier this year, I looked at my skin in the mirror and realised something had to change as I really didn’t like what was looking back - my skin was sore, red, distressed. And then I looked at the various lotions and potions inside my cupboard and wasn’t surprised my skin was upset; without a regular, daily routine, it couldn’t cope with the onslaught.

I decided to take charge.

First, I made the decision that rather than try to incorporate any more products into my routine to deal with the redness and eruptions, that I’d instead strip my routine back and look at what I actually wanted to achieve with my skincare routine. Doing so was revelatory; my acne-prone, 33-year-old skin didn’t need thick, cloying creams - it needed serums that would hydrate and clear debris to help to release the plug. Key brands for this sort of work are cosmeceuticals, which use actives to target concerns and are formulated to achieve results. Medik8, SkinCeuticals, and NeoStrata are all reliable and make the sort of skincare that means you can par your routine back as I have but still address your concerns. My routine now consists merely of a single cleansing cream, a serum and moisturiser for day and two for night, and an SPF, and my skin looks infinitely better for it.

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