Q&A with David Delport, Global Brand Ambassador and Head of Education for REN Clean Skincare

Q&A with David Delport, Global Brand Ambassador and Head of Education for REN Clean Skincare

Tell us about REN’s ingredients

They are clean, results driven, and always skin-friendly. We also chose to use ingredients that are sustainably sourced and that create less environmental impact. We’re also cruelty free. We were the first brand to speak to clean ingredients back in 2000 and as a British company that is something we’re very proud of. Clean is now a massive category and it all started right here.

What is your favourite product in the range?

It’s always the next one we’re about to make! Asking me to choose is like asking a parent to pick a favourite child. It all really depends on what my skin needs at the time.

What is REN’s USP?

Clean to skin and clean to planet. We are doing things with sustainability and packaging that’s really shaking up the industry. A lot of the packaging you’ll see from REN Clean Skincare has never been used before. It’s very exciting. Our goal is to waste free in our packaging by 2021!

What skincare rule do you never break? And which do you think is overrated?

Always wash your face before bed (I double cleanse with the No1 Purity Balm and the Evercalm Gel Cleanser) and use SPF in the day. I think expensive looking packaging is overrated. Right from the start we were more concerned with what went into the product that the waste that was surrounding it. An expensive product doesn’t always mean better. I’m glad our clients are seeing through that.

As a brand that originated in East London, do you create new products with London life in mind?

It’s a consideration when it comes to how we target skin stress and pollution! London’s pollution (especially on the tube) is awful. My skin can often look grey at the end of the day. Sadly, though I feel the ‘city problem’ is becoming global. We should all use products that protect from pollution every day. Not even a country village is safe anymore as pollution can be even more concentrated in narrow streets and lanes where there are cars.

With your ‘refusal to compromise’ do you find it difficult to keep up with skincare trends, and cult ingredients? Or is there always a way?

Our way has been to do the opposite. We create products that we (and our consumers) genuinely need, and if that falls into a trend then it’s purely luck. Brands that follow trends will never be ground-breaking and REN is known for its innovation. It’s risky and we’ve made plenty of mistakes and even launched products that didn’t sell, but that was often because they were ahead of their time. For example, we were the first to launch an Anti-Pollution Spray a few years back, and first to advocate the use of naturally derived retinoids instead of retinol. It can be frustrating when a product you did three years ago suddenly becomes a mass trend and others are shouting louder. We’re still a small brand but I can honestly say we do things with 100% integrity, and part of not compromising is focusing on what we do well and believing in what we do at every turn. Follow David Delport on his Instagram at @david_renskincare for more of his news