Q&A with Judith Emslie, Marketing Manager at Thalgo UK Ltd.

Tell us about Thalgo’s ingredients

Thalgo products are all based on marine ingredients. Algae are super plants and contain, for example, 1000 times more iodine and 10 times more magnesium than a land plant and they are full of minerals. The Thalgo Research team draws its inspiration from the equilibrium of marine species which face extreme survival conditions (pressure, temperature, radiation, darkness) to identify active molecules with exceptional rebalancing properties. Concentrated at the heart of high-performance formulas, these marine active ingredients help strengthen and restructure the skin to enhance its natural beauty.

What is your favourite product in the range?

My personal favourite is the Hydra Marine 24H Gel Cream. It’s just so light and fresh but hydrates my skin perfectly all year round.

What is Thalgo’s USP?

We are the original marine skincare brand, true specialists in marine beauty. Only around 50 species of algae are currently used in food and cosmetics and Thalgo use 35 of them. We are passionate about algae, it’s at the heart of our brand and we are constantly researching new uses of algae actives.

What skincare rule do you never break? And which do you think is overrated?

I always make sure to cleanse my skin thoroughly every morning and evening. I love how my skin feels after using Thalgo cleansing products; they are effective but so gentle too. As for overrated, personally I don’t feel the need to double cleanse. Whilst it is a nice treat during a facial, Thalgo’s cleansing products are so effective that double cleansing isn’t really necessary unless you’re wearing a lot of make-up. Using a toner after your choice of cleansing product ensures the skin is completely cleansed and fresh.

As a French brand, why do you think French skincare is so revered?

French women are renowned for their effortless beauty and skincare is taken seriously from an early age. Girls inherit tips from their mothers and learn how to make the best of their natural beauty and to look after it. I used to live in Paris and saw at first hand the extent to which having a good skincare routine is part of a French woman’s lifestyle in much the same way as their vigilance over what they eat and drink is.

What typifies French skincare?

French skincare tends to be based on natural ingredients such as algae or plants, and a strong emphasis is placed on effectiveness. French women are demanding in terms of skincare and want products which are good for their skin and which give results. The products are usually designed to work over time as part of a lifestyle rather than a quick, drastic approach to correct issues. The French approach to skincare is more along the lines of making the most of your beauty at any age and looking after your skin as part of your lifestyle.

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