Q&A with Kassi Emadi, Founder of Nuddy

Q&A with Kassi Emadi, Founder of Nuddy

What inspired you to start nuddy?

The reason I created nuddy was not only to bring a bit of life back to a tired market but to also start a movement. We want to encourage people to switch to soap when they wash, to reduce the amount plastic used when getting in the nuddy. It's so widely talked about how there’s an excess of water bottles and plastic bags - every day items/single use. But what about the other plastic containers people are taking for granted - your shampoo, conditioner, your body wash. We want to try and raise awareness, and heighten conscious consumerism - make people stop and think when they are purchasing their bottled body wash. We want to provide an alternative, a really great alternative.

What’s your favourite product in the range?

I am obsessed with our mango soap. It smells good enough to eat. The great thing about our soaps is that the scent really lasts on your skin after washing. I tend to walk around smelling like a mango, and I’m totally ok with that.

Who is nuddy for?

I hate to define our exact target consumer. It’s super subjective. Do you like bar soap? Are you environmentally conscious? Do you like our quirky phrases - or is it the coloured boxed that get you going? Our soap is for everyone from millennials to urban professionals to hip grandparents. It’s for anyone intrigued and excited by innovation and change.

Tell us about nuddy’s ingredients

We use only the best ingredients in our nuddy soap bars. They’re all created using a Shea Butter base, meaning they’re very nourishing for the skin. You’ll notice this as soon as the bar touches water - the texture is soft, rich and gives the best lather, it really is amazing to wash yourself with. We also only use natural and naturally derived ingredients, which helps to reduce the amount of natural oil reduction from the skin.

Why was it so important to make nuddy vegan?

Simply, because we want everyone to be able to enjoy using our products. More and more people are choosing to live a vegan lifestyle – our product recipes are adaptable – the question for us was why would we not make our products vegan? No one should have to miss out on using nuddy soap bars. Our soap bars also 100% plastic free. It is of extreme importance to us that we are as sustainable as possible. We work along side our manufacturers to ensure that only the best raw ingredients are used in our soap bars. For example, the Palm oil used in our soaps is sustainably sourced from RSPO approved members.

What is your own skincare regime?

You can never go wrong with the old ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ when it comes to your face. You certainly won’t find me going a day without moisturising my body – I often get comments on my soft skin, that’s because I take very good care of it. I’ve learned over the years that sometimes, less is more.

What’s your definition of self-care?

I am a huge advocate for self-care and self-LOVE. I would define self-care as taking the time to discover the things which make you smile inside and outside - and its not always easy to do. But once you find those things, it’s the most liberating feeling. Personally, I find my happy place in many ways. Number one is being surrounded by my favourite people. You know when you just look around and think, I am so lucky? Oh, and getting a blow dry - I love getting a blow dry.

What is next for nuddy?

So many fun things are on the horizon. I can reveal too much, but we have some amazing product launches to come in 2019, so all I’m going to say is watch.this.space.

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