Skincare.. but for your scalp! | Gallinee

Skincare.. but for your scalp! | Gallinee

We use skincare and haircare products daily without question - but we don't often consider skincare for our scalp. This often ends up meaning itchy, flakey skin which can easily be mistaken for dandruff. Actually, this could just be a dry scalp. And Gallinee can help.


It's an easy mistake to make..


In many ways, symptoms of a dry scalp are much like dandruff. Itchiness, redness, dryness, flakey skin. BUT the difference is: the way you treat a dry scalp is different from how you would treat dandruff.


So what is the difference?


Dandruff is usually caused by excess oil, whereas a dry scalp is caused by irritation and dry skin. 


To identify your scalp issue, you should consider:


Can you see flakes? A dry scalp produces dry flakes: however dandruff will instead product larger, yellow toned flakes that are a bit oily.


What about the rest of your body? If you suffer from dry skin on other areas of your body, you're more likely to suffer from a dry scalp. 


How to treat a dry scalp


If you are suffering from a dry scalp, you should use hydrating, replenishing and protective products that are gentle on your skin.


Gallinee's hair and scalp care products keep your microbiome healthy. This is the micro-organism of bacteria on your skin which creates a barrier that protects the deeper layers of skin cells underneath. 


"We believe that taking good care of the microbiome is the most important and underrated area in skincare and will help with most of the common skin problems that people face on a day to day basis, including a dry scalp." - Gallinee


Here are your three steps to a healthier, happier scalp...


Step one: hydrate your scalp


Gallinee's hair and scalp care range contain mafura oil and lactic acids, which are two of the gentlest and most effective moisturisers. 


Step two: replenishment


The low levels of moisture that your body experiences can often be down to an undernourished microbiome. That’s why Gallinee include pre and postbiotics in their products to help to revitalise and replenish the skin’s good bacteria.


Step three: protect


Once you have followed the previous two steps, you need to make sure that your scalp can hold this goodness in and keep bad bacteria out. Gallinee products include vitamin E and fermented rice water to help with this step. Both of these key ingredients have antibacterial and antioxidant properties.


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Gallinee Hair and Scalp Care Mask - 150ml | £28.00


The new Gallinée Care Mask for Hair & Scalp leaves hair looking healthier for longer and rebalances the scalp and its microbiome.

Traditional shampoos and conditioners may make you wash your hair more often due to the increased sebum production caused by ingredients such as traditional surfactants and sulphates. The scalp’s microbiome plays a crucial role in the regulation of sebum when unbalanced it can lead to itchiness, dandruff and even hair loss.

Marie’s word, founder of Gallinée:

“I love this mask as it feels deceptively light, but really works great on nourishing your hair and soothing your scalp. My proud point: the clinical data showing that the more you use it, the less you need to wash your hair!”


Gallinee Scalp and Hair Serum - 100ml | £24.00

Soothing and Protecting for Hair & Scalp. An oil-free and silicon-free serum for a healthy scalp and shiny protected hair.

A lightweight oil-free serum enriched with fermented rice water and our special pre and postbiotic complex, which smoothes hair and leaves it glossy.

Marie’s word, founder of Gallinée:

“A concentrate of greatness, and a properly multitasking product. Calm dry and itchy scalps make hair soft and shiny and reduce the sebum production. All thanks to the help of fermented rice water, prebiotics and lactic acid!”


Gallinee Scalp Soothing Cleansing Cream - 200ml | £23.00

Soothing and Cleansing. Perfect for all scalp and hair types, even sensitive ones, our Soothing Cleansing Cream leaves hair clean, healthy and shiny, without foaming!

Enriched with fermented rice water and our unique pre and postbiotic complex to help support your scalp's microbiome, the gentle non-foaming Soothing Cleansing Cream soothes the scalp and leaves hair healthy and shiny.

Marie’s word, founder of Gallinée:

“The creamy shampoo that doesn’t foam but cleans to perfection and leaves my bleached fine hair all soft. It takes a bit of time to use it best, but the fermented rice water is a great ingredient to both soothe the scalp and reduce the sebum production.”


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