Why Your Skincare Routine Should Include A Serum

Why Your Skincare Routine Should Include A Serum

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your skincare routine for 2020, we have the perfect solution. Why not look at adding a serum?


What is a serum?

A facial serum is a product created with smaller molecules than other cosmetic products, meaning that our skin can absorb the formula better. This is why most serums are specifically designed for certain skin types or concerns. Serums offer a more concentrated dose of ingredients, in a way making them one of the most important steps of your routine!


When should I use a serum?

If you are adding a serum into your skincare routine, you should use it inbetween cleansing and moisturising. The frequency of use depends on the serum, so check the label for that part! Be careful of serums which include more powerful ingredients as these can irritate sensitive skin if applied too often.


Applying a moisturiser after your serum will 'lock in' the previous steps of your routine. Moisturisers work as a barrier and therefore if you were to apply a serum after your moisturiser, it would not be absorbed. 



Is it just an oil?

Serums are usually water-based formulas, however some are oil based. Water based serums have smaller molecules than oil serums, therefore work better in areas like under your eyes where you are prone to dark circles. Oil based serums add more moisture to the skin because of how the skin absorbs the oil formulas.


How do I find the right serum for my skin?

To find the right serum, look at the ingredients or talk to a skincare expert. We have our own skincare expert, Ami, who is available on our instant chat feature. However, in short, vitamin C is a good ingredient for those who want to reduce redness, so perhaps if you suffer from acne, this is one to look out for. Vitamin E protects cells, so if you have dry skin this can help. Green tea extract will help skin to appear brighter. 


How can you tell if a serum is worthwhile?

When shopping for a facial serum, be sure to check the ingredients to see how much the serum has been diluted. The whole point of a serum is that they deliver the ingredients your skin needs in a way that your skin can absorb them easily. So, if a serum has something like petroleum or mineral oils high up on the ingredients list, it isn't going to be as good as a more concentrated formula. When a serum has these extra ingredients, this can also irritate acne prone skin and cause breakouts.


 Should I apply a serum to my neck?

When you are applying a serum, don't be afraid to apply this to your neck too. This is a great way to avoid signs of ageing.