Winter Care

Whether you choose to spend the festive season by the beach or surrounded by snow, winter getaways can be troublesome for the skin. Although we’d all love to sit back, relax, and not worry about our skin, there are essential steps that we all must take in order to protect our skin from both climates.  

First up, sun holidays. It’s well known that basking in the sun isn’t going to do our skin any favours, but regardless, we all spend our days flocking underneath the sun’s rays. As a result, protecting the skin should be our number one priority. Along with SPF, other products, such as a face wash, should be used to remove any sunscreen that may be clogging the pores. Temperatures on a sun holiday can also cause unwanted sweat which can be elevated by using a vitamin-packed soap.

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Despite preconceived ideas, it is just as important to protect your skin on a colder holiday. While on a snow holiday, we tend to go from extreme conditions of the freezing outdoors to central heated indoors. This can cause the skin to become extremely dehydrated, increasing your chances of having puffy eyes, breakouts and a dull complexion.

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